Investment Counselling Services

As the global economy continues to evolve, a truly personalized approach requires individually invested accounts to be managed on a discretionary basis, with day-to-day portfolio management delegated to highly qualified investment counselors. NRI Federation registration offers this sophisticated level of service with unique Investment Advisory Counselling Services to help provide insights about investments, economic and social challenges our NRI’s are facing now and in the future. Through our expertise, value and care, we earn the trust and confidence of our clients – and the privilege to support them on their life journey. We encourage nri’s to invest in groups or through investor pool and provide needed counselling and guidance for the same. NRI federation aims at helping individuals with the needed counselling and guidance needed for foreign investments. Through NRI Federation , you now have access to the investment expertise, planning , market perspectives and economic outlooks. Be an NRI Federation member today and enjoy access to our professionals who can help with counselling on investment strategies and market perspectives that best match your risk and return profile. Also benefit from ongoing reviews and analysis of your portfolio focused on helping you balance and meet your goals.

Our services include (not limited to):

  • Foreign investment process personalized counselling
  • Understanding of overseas tax structure
  • Engaging needed professionals

Personalized Service:

As a small, non-profit organization, offering independent investment counselling, we foster meaningful client relationships that enable us to provide truly personalized counselling services. It takes time and effort, but it is also an essential ingredient in our ability to deliver results. And we are happy to say that it is the most rewarding part of our work.

As a Milestone client, you can expect this:You will have a direct, ongoing business relationship with our expert counselors. Your investment counselor will be responsible for guiding you help manage your accounts, based on a deep understanding of your goals, overall situation and evolving circumstances.

Our team of expert professionals are trained to Conduct a Customized Financial Analysis to outline a strategic path designed to help you reach your goals and anticipate any unexpected scenarios you might encounter along the way.

We will help you gain a deep understanding of your investment objectives, investable assets, time frame and risk tolerance.

We will work with your own accountant, lawyer or insurance broker to provide needed counselling to review your overall plan, or connect you with the specialists you require.

We will meet with you regularly, to ensure proper guidance, not only to review your investments, but also to stay abreast of changes in your life or perspectives that could present new planning opportunities or otherwise affect your financial plan

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