Grand Gala Launch April 2014 – Official Press Release

NRI Federation Grand Gala Launch Press Release

The Indian American community took a very positive and strong step towards uniting global Indians and Indian Associations with the Grand Gala launch of “NRI Federation” (NRIF) , a 501 (c) (3) Registered Non-Profit organization, striving to represent all overseas Indians living across the globe and create a united, safe and secure world. NRI Federation aims at assisting NRIs through various programs namely Adoption & Donations for Smart Village, Health & Medical Cultural Heritage Fairs, Preserving Vedic Cultural Heritage & Education Youth Development & Education Program, Disabled & Underprivileged Child Support Program, Senior Center & Programs, Women Empowerment & Safety, etc.

Founded and Chaired by Deepak and Surbhi Kavadia, NRI Federation had its Gala Launch this weekend by their Brand Ambassador Bollywood Star Bappi Lahiri in the presence of Home Minister of Rajasthan, Shri Gulabchand Katariaji. Shri Gulabchandji Kataria gave his assurance and support for various NRIF programs and proposals. Over 500 attendees, included several honorable dignitaries and Influential community leaders. 

An audio recording of conversation with the Home Minister of India Shri Rajnath Singhji, was played at the event where Shri Rajnath Singhji exchanged his blessings, support and assurance for NRI Federation’s projects and initiatives including the goal to develop at-least 101 smart villages through NRIF. Audio recording included Home Minister Shri Rajnath Singhji’s assurance and support for NRIF programs with detailed discussion on smart village program. The audio recording was followed with a slide show presentation by answering some of the common questions and explaining the transparent registration process through NRI Federation. Complete recording is available on our website at

Beautiful red carpet welcome by Deepak & Surbhi Kavadia and interviews by the Youth President, Shubham Surana and Vice president Pratik Kavadia made the attendees feel extra special. The program started with the American & Indian National Anthem by Pallavi Jain & group. NRIF NY President, Chandra Sukhwal presented a picture of “Make in India” through his welcome speech. Kanak Golia, President of Investment & Proposal shared his views through his article for the event. Kanak Golia has supported NRI federation from the beginning.

Padmashree Dr. Sudhir M. Parikh, Dr. Ajay K. Lodha, Prabha Golia were honored for their dedicated and ongoing services to the community.

Dr. Sudhir Parikh, the founder and owner of Parikh & Parikh Worldwide media, acknowledged his unconditional support to this valuable cause. He assured his support and backing through his Parikh and Parikh worldwide media thereby encouraging attendees to help join hands together.

TV Asia Owner H.R.Shah was honored for his tireless contribution and dedication to media industry via TV ASIA. He extended his media services in support of this great initiative.

Dr. Ajay Lodha applauded the wonderful cause and the global platform encouraging attendees to register for the same. He offered his individual support as well as on behalf of AAPI to help wherever needed.  Late Shri Dr. Banad N. Viswanath was remembered and honored for his life time Dedicated services to the community. His son, Dev Vishwanath, an expert legal advisor, committed his servers in support of NRIF activities.

 Several Organization Presidents namely H.K. Shah (Chairman and Founder – Vegetarian Vision), Naveen Shah (President – RANA), Eric Kumar (Co-Founder & Co-Chair – SA4BC & G30 for IVF), Bakul Matalia (President – LIGCS), Satnam S. Parhar (President – IALI), Dr. Bhavani Srinivasan (Past President – Aapi Queens LI), Rajni Gandhi (President -Friends of Arch) and many more – Presidents, Vice Presidents and several community leaders graced the event. Several dignitary well wishes, letters and blessings included letters from Top BJP Leader Hon. Lal Krishna Advaniji, Home Minister Hon. Shri Rajnath Singhji, NJ Governor Chris Christie, Congresswoman Hon. Grace Meng etc. expressing support and wishes for this great and instrumental motive.

An amazing Fashion Show coordinated by Nishi Bahl, Aditi Shrimal & team and showcased by Show Stopper Model Bollywood Actress Jinal Pandya and new upcoming singer Romi Khan, facilitated by Celebrity Chair Bharat Goradia added a unique flavor to the evening. Bappi Lahiri’s musical night was the highlight of the event that spell bounded and rocked the audience through the evening.

Beautifully choreographed dance by Pallavi Jain, Arushi Shrimal, Maahika Naheta, Mihika Naheta, Karatika Bamb, Ashna Jain, Ishita Jamar & choreographer Shreya Dhadda added a unique flavor spell bounding the audience with live singing and dancing.

Beautiful souvenir book portrayed the wonderful work, team effort and best wishes of all dignitaries and celebrities.

Beautifully decorated venue with delicious food menu was well managed by Rajesh Jamar, Manish Naheta, Manish Jain, Asit Shrimal, Vishal Dixit, Pradeep Lodha, several committee members and volunteers who turned the event a true Gala. A very well organized and fantastically managed registration desk was the hard work of women power – Aditi Shrimal, Sangeeta Surana, Dolly Naheta, Aloka Lodha, Preeti Karnavat, Neena Jain, Teena Sukhwal & Sangeeta Malik, who welcomed everyone with smile. Inspirational messages and ideas on Women empowerment were exchanged by Sangeeta Malik through her article. Dr. Hetal Gor made informative presentation on Health & Medical affairs. Abha Kasubhai wrote and inspirational article on health and medical affairs. Ashok Vyas engaged with his expert services via the ITV channel.

Several hours of hard and smart work, excellent team work, well organized planning and execution made the event a considerable success thereby laying a strong positive beginning. As it is rightly said – “Well Begun is Half Done”

NRIF came into existence in Sept when Deepak & Surbhi Kavadia met our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi in Sept 2014 at a Dinner Ceremony in New York just after the historical speech of PM Shri Modi Ji at Madison Square garden. PM Shri Modi Ji magical and inspirational words touched the heart of everyone and there after we promised him to commit ourselves to create this non-profit organization that strives to represent all overseas Indians living across the globe and create a united, safe and secure world. Our Honorable Prime Minister Shri. Narendra Pm Shri Modi Ji as well as Our Home Minister of India Shri. Rajnath Singh Ji has personally assured Deepak & Surbhi to support NRI Federation’s cause and we appeal to all Overseas Indians to join hands and collectively work with the current Government not only for the growth and prosperity of India but for overseas Indians as well.

We have all witnessed how NRIs are sandwiched between their mother country, India, and the country that they live in. Many of us NRIs frequently run into trouble either at immigration, travel, investments, litigations, pilgrimage, Real Estate & matrimonial disputes. As we are all based overseas, it certainly becomes very difficult and often impossible to understand the complex laws and finally we give up and lose our hard earned wealth, investments and also the faith for our motherland.     It is hence the duty of us NRIs to stand up together and join arms in a united, global front that will link all of us towards this greater cause. Through the influence and power that NRI Federation will conduct itself with in the next coming years, everyone affiliated with the organization will be able to travel and invest with a renewed confidence and protection.

Overseas Indians contribute a lot across the world in their respective fields, such as Doctors, Scholars, Engineers, Professionals and Businessmen. India and Indians are known for their hospitality, peaceful nature, hardworking, generosity and cultural heritage throughout the world. NRI Federation was founded as a nonpartisan organization with the Indian Government so that we can not only represent ourselves, but simultaneously resolve the issues that Indians who reside globally are constantly affected by.

NRIs have a lot of potential in terms of intellectual and skill knowledge, donation in kind that can add a lot of value developing these rural areas. These villages are in significant need for infrastructure development for a better quality life. NRI’s have seen potential personal and community development and that expertise and experience can be valuable and instrumental in developing these villages.

NRIF and our most dedicated committee as well as highly committed team of Volunteers and professionals commit to work tirelessly with the Government of India as well as Government in their respective countries for the rights and privileges of Overseas Indians.

NRI Federation also seeks to aid and develop India our motherland, for we must never forget the roots that brought us to become the successful individuals we are today. We are initiating several teams and committees for several programs intending to assist NRIs including Adoption & Donations for Smart Village, Health & Medical Cultural Heritage Fairs, Preserving Vedic Cultural Heritage & Education, Youth Development & Education Program, Disabled & Underprivileged Child Support Program, Senior Center & Programs, Women Empowerment & Safety, etc. These programs are not only for Charity Projects in India but also for NRI Charity Projects in their Residing Countries. 100% of the donations that we collect for NRI Federation will go towards these programs, our administrative and overhead costs will be assumed by our Founder Contribution fund, Committee & Sponsors Contribution and Income generating programs.  

As we also know every community has role models who strives and excel in their respective fields by their foresightedness and broader vision. We all see Success and achievements but the hardships, dedication and sacrifice behind the success is unseen.

Want to Adopt a Village?

You, your family, and friends can get involved personally in our Adopt-A-Village program in ways that are meaningful to you. Villages can be adopted individually or in a group or pool of people. There is no minimum / maximum contribution expected. Registering for the Adoption & Donations for Smart Village program gives an opportunity to adopt a village and apply all the skills, experience, and intellectual strength, both in person and in group to make a village smarter.

Register through Gather in groups, Pool of people or plan individually to adopt a village.  Need Individual / Group Discussion?  Our Team of Expert Volunteers are here to assist! Email

  • Register with usRegistration Form is available on our website at or email at
  • “Grievance Box” Post, list & share problems, views and success stories through our website or by email
  • Volunteer –Join us!  Fill our Volunteer Form on website or email
  • Donations – In Kind – Any unneeded or obsolete stuff like blankets, toys, eye glasses, cell phones, clothing, school supplies etc. can be accepted as smart donations
  • Organize a Drive -Wherever you live in the US, we can use your help to organize a drive in your workplace, neighborhood, school or community to help spread the word
  • Cash Donations: No Minimum expected! Every $ makes a difference

Adopt a village, get on site, visualize, and add knowledge. Experience, volunteer team any contribution in cash / kind and make a difference to make this village smart by enhancing day to day facility needs, healthy habits, health, education, wherever you can make a difference. Do not forget to register and donate with us. All donations are tax free under 501 ©3

For Additional Information Contact our Team of Experts, Board of Directors, Committee Members at

NRI federation is taking rapid and aggressive steps towards its goal. We have taken initiative for medical fairs and large events will be organized this current year, thereby rapidly expanding our horizons across the globe. Starting with the tri-state area, 6 large events are under planning throughout tri-state community in various locations Connecticut, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania for the current year, 2015. We welcome organizations and community leaders in these areas to come forward and partner with us thereby helping expand our initiatives as early as possible. We invite everyone to join arms for our accomplishable vision: and that is to unite the NRIs as a powerful, influential force that will lay the foundation for equality and fair treatment of NRI’s in India as well in their Residing Countries. It will only be through our joint and collaborated participation in the organization and dedication to the causes that we will be able to make this goal a reality.

NRI Federation is now accepting proposals, volunteers, partners globally. Have a grievance? Interested in joining? Register through our website @ or email us at

 We appeal everyone to register themselves as Members, Volunteers and advisors of NRIF. It is not only our desire but our responsibility to unite for this cause.

Join us! Let’s be United! This is Our Platform! Visit our website @ OR Email us at to join hands and to create a strong, united platform for ourselves.

Our Slogan “United Voice, one Voice is sounder than many voices”.

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